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Long Range Precision Rifle – Tactical Carbine Training

Ghost Firearms Training LLC started operating in 2014, and specializes in Long Range Precision Rifle training and Tactical Carbine training. After years of training with many different companies throughout the US, and not being satisfied with the quality of instruction or content, we decided to start our own company. Our team of instructors are highly qualified Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian personnel. We continue to train, so we can provide our students with the highest quality and up to date instruction available. Our youthful staff will train you utilizing the latest techniques, equipment, weapons systems and ballistic technology to help our students build accurate ballistic charts and become confident shooters.  We utilize the most current ballistic solving software, WEZ analysis programs, Lab radar doppler chronographs for accurate muzzle velocities and target cams to chart hits and group sizes on long range targets for instant feedback.

All our Long Range courses include free RV parking, clubhouse lodging with full kitchen, BBQ at the firing line,  sponsor prize giveaway shoots, top shooter awards, use of all our peripheral equipment, night shoot, 1000 yard shot with the .50 cal., evening fireside debrief session, and certificates of completion. Best of all, we guaranteed you a good time while expanding your skill set.

Long Range Precision 1

LRP 1 – Our Long Range Precision Rifle Training course will take the beginner rifleman and have them hitting human size targets at 1000+ yards, testing their skills in a hostage drill, engaging targets in low light during our night shoot and more. Range location Lewistown, PA

Long Range Precision 2

LRP 2 – Our Long Range Precision Rifle Training course will challenge the experienced shooter with a variety of obstacles, shooting positions, engaging moving targets at over 500 yards in a mini PRS match.  Range location Lewistown, PA

Tactical Carbine


Our Tactical Carbine training course will have you running and gunning, shooting from behind barricades, engaging multiple targets, and shooting from the latest urban warfare shooting positions.   Range location Calverton, NY


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Northeast Firearms Training Locations

Calverton Shooting Range, Calverton NY – Mifflin County Sportsmen’s Association, Lewistown PA

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