Ghost Firearms Training LLC

 Long Range Precision Rifle – Carbine Training Courses – TCCC – Close Quarters Combat

Ghost Firearms Training LLC started operating in 2014, and specializes in Long Range Precision, Combat Carbine, TCCC and Close Quarters Combat training. Our team of instructors are highly qualified Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian personnel.  We have one of the most diverse group of Instructors in the business, we hope you will read our instructor bio’s to learn about our team.  Another thing that sets us apart from other training companies is our friendly and relaxed approach to training students.  When you train with GFT is like being amongst family.

With range locations in Templeton PA and Lewistown PA, we are easily accessible to the entire northeast.  We provide training to Civilians, Police Agencies and Military, we can also come teach a course at your range or department.   We now are able to offer Private Long Range, CQB and Carbine training at the Templeton PA range location

All of our courses, whether on the range or in the classroom are taught by active or prior law enforcement / military personnel / Scout Sniper, FBI SWAT and FBI Carbine trained instructors, NRA certified instructors, and Sponsored shooting sports shooters.   Many of them have or are currently serving in specialized units including Combat Marines, Tactical (SWAT) Teams, SRT Firearms Instructors, Top PRS Shooters, Sniper Training, Marine Scout Sniper, and other Military Units.  Our team has trained, and continues to train at the highest level, and we hope to pass that knowledge on to our students.  We encourage beginners as well as seasoned gun owners to take part in some form of training regularly, if not with us, with another certified firearms school.



Lead Instructor – owner

Jackson spent 25 years in law enforcement as a member and firearms instructor for the SRT/Sniper Team.  His formal SWAT training was with the FBI, and he earned the FBI carbine instructor Top Shot, and LE Pistol Instructor Top Shot.  He spent most of his career in specialized units including the US Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force as a member of the high risk warrant entry team and working in various Gun, Gang, Drug Task Forces. He is a certified Police Firearms Pistol and Patrol Rifle Instructor, Executive Protection Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, and Firearms/Tactics Instructor for the SRT/Sniper team.   He has worked with the DEA and Homeland Security/FPS on high risk warrant entries and high risk transports, and has worked Government Protection details including working with US Secret Service CAT Team for Presidential Details.  He has trained thousands of LE, military and civilians in various shooting disciplines including long range precision rifle, carbine, shotgun and handgun. He is a Glock and M4 armorer, NYS certified firearms instructor (Top Shot),  FBI carbine instructor ( Top Shot), and FBI trained SWAT officer.  Jackson has worked and trained with some of the best in the shooting industry, adding new and valuable skills to pass along to students.


Scotty Bravo

Carbine Instructor / CQB

Scott is a former United States Marine  Sergeant assigned to a highly schooled special operations capable infantry unit. Scott worked as a designated marksman, urban warfare instructor, platoon sergeant and has been to schools ranging from, but not limiteed to Cold Weather Mountain Warfare to Amphibious Raids/Scout Swimmer/Coxswain school.  Scott was in Iraq multiple times during his deployments seeing combat action in many cities.  He is a veteran of the battle of fallujah where his unit was the main effort of the battle. Scott was ultimately wounded by enemy small arms fire and an enemy hand grenade. Shortly after, Scott left the marines and became a police officer. He is currently a 15 year law enforcement veteran working as an Investigator in a gun, gang and narcotics drug task force. He is also member of the SWAT/Sniper team, and works with the US Marshals High Risk Entry Team.

Mike Carter

Long Range / Carbine Instructor / Pistol / CQB

Mike, or better known as “Mikey”, was a Sgt in the United States Marine Corps. He is a combat veteran, with multiple deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Most notably the initial ground invasion and the battle of Najaf. During his time in the Marines and now as a civilian, he has attended many training courses ranging from CQB and Combat Lifesaver to Precision Rifle and Ballistics. Mike is extremely dedicated to shooting, always training to further his skill set so that he may pass that knowledge onto others. Mikey is also one of our top carbine and pistol instructors,


Trevor aka “Bunz”

Long Range / PRS Instructor and Carbine Instructor

Trevor is our lead PRS instructor, and a sponsored PRS shooter.  He dedicates almost all of his time to advancing his skills in Long Range and PRS shooting matches. He has a vast knowledge base of the sport with multiple wins in competition.  He excels in teaching and encouraging the serious competitor or casual shooter the mechanics of precision rifle shooting.  He is a certified NRA rifle instructor who has completed multiple long range rifle courses.  He has substantial experience and knowledge of the latest optics, gear, and weapon systems.  In his off time, he is the Co-Administrator of Long Range Shooters of PA, a Pennsylvania base group created to help long range  enthusiasts connect and fine tune their skills for PRS competition and target shooting.  Trevor has recently joined the ranks of Social Media Giants, followed by a wealth of the who’s who in American culture including the infamous Joe Exotic and lives by the motto “20 bucks is 20 bucks”


Long Range Instructor

Zack is a United States Marine Scout Sniper Veteran. He served with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. He did one deployment as an infantry rifleman team leader, and a second deployment as a Scout Sniper assistant team leader. Zack attended and graduated from USMC Scout Sniper school in 2017 and spent over two in a sniper platoon dedicating all his time to learning long range shooting to a science. He has attended many schools which give him vast knowledge on many weapon platforms and applications which range from long range precision fires, close quarters combat, combat lifesaver, and tactical combat care. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and instructing others in the art of long range shooting.

bill w


Tactical Medic / EMT / Carbine Instructor / CQB

Billy is a US Army Veteran who served in a Military Police Unit as an MP and Medic, and currently works as a Police Officer assigned to criminal investigations.  He worked as an Emergency Room Technician and volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT for over 25 years.  He was previously assigned to the District Attorney’s Office Heroin Task Force and Vehicular Crime Bureau.  Billy currently serves as the Tactical Medic on the law enforcement Entry/Response Team.  He is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor who primarily teaches active shooter/threat assessment, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and Search & Rescue.


Long Range / PRS Instructor

Shane started working with us in 2022, and we are very happy to have him on board.  His wealth of knowledge in the PRS circuit will be an invaluable addition to our staff.   Shane is a sponsored PRS Shooter who regularly competes in PRS Series Competitions.  Along with Instructor Trevor, he is the Administrator of Long Range Shooters of PA.  Shane has acquired numerous open class PRS WINS, and if he is not winning, he’s placing in the top 3 in most of his competitions.  Shane is a skilled big game and predator hunter, and an excellent resource for students looking to perfect thier hunting loads for big game.  When he is not competing he is busy doing load development, currently running multiply calibers in PRS, including .223., 6mm, 6.5 and 6 Dasher.

dylan chopper


Carbine Instructor / CQB / Long Range Instructor

Dylan will be back in 2025 when he finishes US Flight School as a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot.

Dylan, now an aviation Warrant Officer in the Pennsylvania Nation Guard, previously served as an Infantryman, utilizing his extensive experience in small unit tactics to excel as a firearms instructor.  With practical expertise extending across a diverse array of weaponry, including the 240L machine gun, M4 carbine, Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), M320 grenade launcher, and beyond. Dylan’s qualifications extend beyond marksmanship; he is also Air Assult, SERE, and Combat Life Saver qualified.  As a firearms instructor, Dylan brings a unique blend of hands-on proficiency and experience.  For the 2024 season Dylan will be absent as he undergoes training at the US Army flight scjool to become a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot.


Carbine / CQB Instructor

Anthony is currently serving in the Air National Guard as a Tactical Air Control Party Joint Terminal Attack Controller (TACP/JTAC). Since Joining the Air Force in 2012, he has trained and deployed with various units in the military. Anthony has deployment experience in Kuwait, Iraq, and Syria, fully integrating with conventional Army, Special Operations units, as well as partner and coalition units. While deployed to Iraq and Syria, he conducted Protective Security Detachment missions, Reconnaissance missions, Quick Reaction Force missions, Presence patrols, and logistical convoys. He has also attended formal military schools such as Air Force Initial Combat Skills Training, SERE School, and US Army Basic Parachutist Course. He has knowledge of Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Small Unit Tactics, Land Navigation, Close Quarters Combat, and Nighttime Operations. With his background, Anthony has formal training and experience on the M4/AR platform, M9, M18, Glock 19, M320 and crew served weapons systems such as the M240, M249, MK19, and the M2. Outside of these platforms, his true passion lies with anything COMBLOC such as the AKM, AK74, and a slew of oddball sidearms.

Anthony will be absent for part of 2024 overseas in the Middle East as part of his Department of State contract work

anthony severo

Paul Danklefsen

Special Guest Instructor

The Man, the Myth, the Legend!!  Paul helped build GFT and we hated to see him move into semi-retirement, but we will surely see him return as our Special Guest Instructor throughout the year.   As a full time member of the shooting sports industry, Paul gets to live his passion of developing shooters on a daily basis. Patient, supportive and understanding, Paul continually refines his instructional methodologies to help improve students performance.  A lifelong learner, he regularly attends trade specific armorer and shooting schools with industry leaders.  He is always looking for that extra piece of information that will help improve his shooter’s performance.  When he isn’t working in the shooting business, Paul is an avid reloader, shooter and competitor.  Paul’s credentials include NRA Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor as well as NRA Chief Range Officer. He is a Glock and Smith & Wesson certified armorer.  He is our resident precision rifle outfitter, helping students configure and refine their weapons systems. He has trained all over teh country with the best instructors, and completed multiple longrange rifle courses.  Paul is an avid hand loader specializing in optimizing precision rifle cartridges.  His marksmanship abilities earned him  1st place at the 2016 Carlos Hathcock sniper match in Cherry Ridge, NJ.   He is currently the Long Range Precision classroom and field instructor.


Danielle aka Mrs Jackson

Office Manager

Danielle runs our office operations, and registrations. Danielle is an excellent marksman and is readily capable of hitting 1000 yards. She is an avid single action revolver shooter, and outstanding with a  carbine.